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Red Hand Metallic


Wine Cocktails $11 

Blueberry Refresher Mimosa 

Simple Syrup, Fresh Lemon, Fresh Blueberries, & Bubbles 

Mojito Mimosa 

Simple Syrup, Fresh Lime, Fresh Mint, & Bubbles 

POG Mimosa 

Pineapple, Orange, Guava Juice, Fresh Strawberries, & Bubbles 

Red Sangria 

Orange Slices, Red Wine, Hibiscus Simple, Pomegranate Juice, & Bubbles 

White Sangria 

Apple Slices, White Wine, Peach Puree, Lemon Juice, & Bubbles 

Frose All Day! 

Frozen Rose Bellini with Fresh Tropical Fruits 


Light Brew, Preservation Mary Mix, Fresh Lime, w/ Tajin Spiced Rim 

Draft Brews

Knee Deep, Tropics Life POG IPA $7 

Fort Rock, Baby Yoda IPA $7 

Original Pattern, Cash Crop IPA $7 

Solid Ground, Tropical Hazy IPA $7 

Shadow Puppet, Faith, Hops , Love IPA $7 

At Ease, Private First Class Pilsner $7 

Coors Light, Rocky Mountain Lager $5 

Solid Ground, Tropics Lager $7 

Fort Rock, Patagonia Pale Ale $7 

Fort Rock, Whitney Brewston Coffee Stout $7 

Bumgarner, Aloha Lilikoi Cider $7 

Burning Barrel, Trippy Tropics Sour Ale $7 


Kim Crawford, Sauvignon Blanc 

Half Bottle $17 


Josh, Chardonnay 

GL: $8 BTL $30 


Josh, Cabernet Sauvignon 

GL: $8 BTL $30 


Meiomi, Pinot Noir 

Half Bottle $17 



Ruffino- *Prosecco Split *Rose Split $10 

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